Besik Kiladze
Besik Kiladze

The Secret World of Besik Kiladze

by H. M. Schemske


Besik Kiladze is a painter of the interior. His paintings are filled with the quality known as the numinous, or the sacred. The awakening of this core is about awakening to immanent transcendence. One calls it Oneness hours or simply extraordinary experiences, perhaps children have always had such encounters. Besik Kiladze, as a child, was already touched by that profound reality in a way that made him understand that it was not just a feeling or a belief, but a much more real reality than that which we usually call the only reality.


Besik Kiladze sees the essence of the supernatural, which is hidden in all things and manifests itself in them at the same time. Even the production process of his paintings discloses the proximity to the art of iconographic painting. Carefully, Besik Kiladze prepares the painting ground and coats the linen with a reinforcing ground white. He often joines the wooden frame manually and reinforces it with wedges at the corners.


Then come the colors. He also takes them from nature, such as a certain blue, which he obtains from Lapis lazuli and carefully grinds until the brilliance corresponds to his ideas. He applies the colors, he scratches them off again, he paints again, he wipes away, until a very own three-dimensional effect appears, a plasticity which can not be reproduced on a photograph of the work.


This painter is not immediately understood. It takes time to capture his works. Is it our present inner discord, our impatience? Can we recognize the message? He has avoided the unambiguous; And if it were a question of clearly recognizable figures, it would have been impossible to rise to the mythical.


When looking at these works, our soul must certainly hold our breath and practice silence to hear what is speaking in the deepness.


H. M. Schemske


(The article appeared originally in the German magazine The Freiburger)


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